Syriac Internal Security Force Sutoro increases surveillance of churches and calls for extra vigilance during holiday season

The official spokesman for the Sutoro Internal Security Force Akkad Hanna announced to the SyriacPress news desk that the Sutoro, together with all divisions and branches of the Democratic Autonomous Administration’s Internal Security Forces, has reduced mobile patrols throughout the Christmas holidays and New Year, but has set up checkpoints between the cities and villages of the Gozarto (Jazira) Region in order to ensure citizen’s safety, search for wanted persons, and inspect suspicious vehicles and cars.

Hanna said that extra measures for the holidays have been circulated; it is not allowed to fire bullets for all security forces and citizens subject to legal and financial penalty; medium and large vehicles are forbidden to enter the Gozarto Region; roaming with motorcycles is prohibited. To protect Syriac churches and buildings, the Sutoro has increased surveillance at churches and social institutions. Sutoro spokesman Akkad Hanna called on all Syriacs of the Gozarto Region to comply with the holiday measures of the Internal Security Forces for their own safety and to provide them with any information of suspicious people and movement.

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The General Command of the Sutoro Internal Security Forces issued a message of congratulations to the Syriac people and the rest of the peoples in North and East Syria on the occasion Christmas and New Year and to keep a watchful eye for their own safety.