Commander of Tel Abyad Military Council Riad al-Khalaf: No new agreements with Russia about Ayn Issa

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of North and East Syria, through the Commander of Tel Abyad Military Council, Riad al-Khalaf, denied that they had reached any agreement with Russian forces regarding Ayn Issa region, stressing that their forces are continuing to confront Turkish-backed attempts to capture the M4 highway.

In a statement to Hawar News Agency, al-Khalaf declared that news being circulated about an agreement with the Russian forces are baseless, adding that the areas of control around Ayn Issa have not changed despite six weeks of Turkish military escalation.

Syrian regime forces have been deployed to the area since the initial ceasefire deal to halt the Turkish invasion in October 2019 but have been limited to several military points on the contact lines, with Russian military personnel in rear positions.

In related news, the Syrian Democratic Youth Council condemned the international silence about the Turkish violations against residents of Ayn Issa. In its statement, the Council held Russia primarily accountable for its inability or unwillingness to enforce the October 2019 ceasefire.

The statement called on all Syrians, but especially the youth, to confront this brutal aggression and protect Syrian territory and the people of North and East Syria.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces have the right to legitimate defense of Syria against any attacks by Turkey,” the statement concluded.