Joint Syrian Democratic Forces and Syriac Military Council delegation visits Syriac Catholic Church in Hasakah

HASAKAH, Syria — A joint delegation of Syriac Democratic Forces (SDF) and Syriac Military Council (MFS) visited a number of churches in the city of Hasakah in North and East Syria to congratulate the Christian people in the region.

The delegation included advisor to the General Commander of the SDF Rizan Klo, member of the Office of the Advisor to the General Commander of the SDF Hajj Mansour, leader of the Syriac Military Council (MFS) Abjar Daoud, and member of the Office of Military Relations of the MFS Sahar Daoud.

The delegation was received by Monsignor of the Syriac Catholic Church Joseph Shami, the patriarchal director of the Syriac Catholic Diocese of Gozarto and Euphrates Regions.

During the meeting, Monsignor Shami explained that the SDF was able to liberate the world and North and East Syria from the tyranny of the Islamic State (ISIS).

“The SDF have been able to organize the region and have been understanding in their relations with the region’s peoples, said the Monsignor, adding that the peoples of the region live on the same land and must always pursue dialogue to live in peace.

Abjar Daoud said that they are proud to support all the peoples of the region and overcome the difficult times the region is passing through. We must put all differences aside to address the attacks and conspiracies against the region to achieve peace and security for all peoples, said Abjar Daoud.

Rizan Klo noted that the purpose of their visit is to strengthen relations in general, adding that the SDF includes all components, and its goal is to protect and liberate the region from Turkish occupation and its proxy forces.

At the end of the visit, Monsignor Shami held a prayer for safety, peace, stability, and love in the region.