Lebanon’s Kataeb Party joins list of parties opposed to Iranian influence in the country

BEIRUT — Lebanon’s Kataeb Party headed by Samy Gemayel joined the list of Lebanese officials and party leaders who objected and denounced the statements made by an Iranian military official calling Lebanon and Gaza Iran’s first line of defense against Israeli attacks.

In a statement, the Kataeb Party said that the first flagrant violation of Lebanon’s rights and its people was the loss of its national sovereignty to Hezbollah, which has bent the Lebanon to the will of Iran.

The statement continued by saying that Iran’s use of missiles based in Lebanon, and the use of the country as a first line of defense for Iranian objectives, is proof of the fact that Lebanon and the Lebanese people are held hostage by Iran.

Kataeb called for the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon to be summoned and explain the Iranian statement.

Hezbollah’s illegal weapons have offered Lebanon no protection, said Kataeb in the statement, but exposes it to blockades and sanctions.

Kataeb Party added that Hezbollah has increased division within the country and promotes hate speech and the language of war through daily provocation.