North and East Syria Interior Directorate official: Residents should be careful about believing and spreading disinformation

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Co-Chair of the Interior Directorate in Gozarto (Jazira) Region in North and East Syria Kenan Barakat told SuroyoTV that the bodies under the Directorate concerned with security will continue to strive for stability and preserving the well-being of the region’s residents despite the many external and internal threats.

Barakat’s comments come on the heels of increased tensions between the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria and the Syrian regime-affiliated National Defense Forces (NDF) which was sparked by the NDF arresting several civilians and members of the ISF.

Barakat stated that the Directorate does not want to escalate the matter but the ISF also arrested several members of the NDF as part of the legitimate right of defense.

He stressed that the psychological warfare carried out through regime media seeking to pit the people of North and East Syria against one another play a major role in raising and amplifying problems and called on all residents to take care in not falling prey to or spreading disinformation.