Syrian regime’s 4th Division preventing wheat trucks from entering Holob

HOLOB, Syria — Activists circulated pictures showing dozens of trucks loaded with wheat parked at the Tabqa Border Crossing which connects the areas of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria with those controlled by the Syrian regime.

In a statement, Co-Chair of the DAA Economic and Agricultural Authority Salman Barodo said that the 4th Division, which controls the Tabqa Border Crossing is “prevent[ing] the passage of trucks from the DAA areas to the regime-held areas.”

Barodo noted that only trucks heading towards the Shabha region and the Sheikh Masqsoud neighborhood in Holob (Aleppo) are being prevented from crossing. Trucks destined for other regime held are allowed to cross.

The local administration of Shabha and Sheikh Maqsoud are closely aligned with the DAA.

The Tabqa Border Crossing is an important and active crossing in North and East Syria’s Euphrates Region as it connects the DAA areas in Raqqa with the areas controlled by the Syrian regime in Holob.