More Russian and Turkish reinforcements to North and East Syria

TEL TAMR, Syria — In clear violation of its ceasefire agreements with Russian and the United States, Turkish forces continue to target the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and reinforce its positions along the Ayn Issa / Tel Tamr frontline which runs between the two towns just north of the M4 highway.

New Turkish reinforcements were brought to the village of Tal Manakh, located between Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn. The reinforcements included armored vehicles and heavy machinery, according to Hawar New Agency.

Hawar added that the Turkish occupation had built several new berms and placed tanks in the village of Tal Manakh, which has a strategic location overlooking the road between Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn, an area which has witnessed a major escalation from Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).

The Turkish reinforcements coincide with Russia’s announcement that it will send more forces to the regions of North and East Syria. The chief of the Joint Russian–Syrian Observation Posts in Hasakah, Major Dimitri Suntsov, declared that an additional Russian Military Police unit was sent to the area with the aim of strengthening the Russian–Syrian outposts along the frontline with Turkey in North and East Syria. The posts were established in October 2019 to monitor the ceasefire with Turkey.

According to Novosti Agency, other Russian military groups will join the existing forces and they will be deployed in the towns of Ayn Issa, Tel Tamr, Amuda, and other residential centers.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria and the SDF have been critical of Russia’s unwillingness, or inability, to prevent Turkish forces from bombarding the villages and towns along the frontline.