Macron urges Mohammed bin Salman to support Lebanon despite presence of Hezbollah

BEIRUT — The Lebanese newspaper Nida al-Watan reported, citing confidential sources, that a telephone conversation was held between French President Emmanuel Macron and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman concerning Lebanon.

During the call, President Macron urged Prince Salman to help Lebanon and not let it collapse. However, the Saudi position remains the same, that Lebanon requires political and economic reform. According to al-Watan, Saudi Arabia will not support Lebanon so long as Hezbollah remains a part of the Lebanese government.

Meanwhile, reported the paper, Paris continues its efforts to restore dialogue between former Minister Gebran Bassil and PM Saad Hariri, despite the continuing French dissatisfaction with their positions.

French sanctions are not on the table and the U.S. sanctions on Gebran Bassil have not changed this position, read the report.