As-Suwayda residents condemns Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the upcoming election

AS-SUWAYDA, Syria — On Monday, in an unprecedented move in the Druze-majority As-Suwayda Province, activists circulated pictures condemning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the upcoming elections, which most external observes say will not be a free election.

A journalist from As-Suwayda, who requested to remain anonymous, told Orient-news.net that he did not know if these demonstrations were in coordination with the campaign “No to Assad’s Legitimacy and Elections”. However, it is an unprecedented step that paves the way for increased tension between the Druze community and Assad regime.

According to the journalist, the demonstrations are a significant symbol of the growing fissures between the Assad regime and the minority communities that it claims to defend.

Locals also accuse the regime of being behind a spate of kidnappings, thefts, and increased drug trafficking in the area.

In July 2020, demonstrations erupted in As-Suwayda for the first time since 2011 calling for Bashar al-Assad to step down as president following the widespread economic collapse.