Iraqi Civil Aviation ICAA signs memorandum of understanding with French company to rehabilitate Mosul International Airport

BAGHDAD — Head of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA), Nael Saad Abdul Hadi, announced on Monday the signing of a memorandum of understanding with French company ADP Ingénierie to rehabilitate Mosul International Airport.

“The signing was sponsored by the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Cabinet and in the presence of the French Ambassador to Iraq, the representative of ADP Ingénierie, the governor of Nineveh Province, and MP Thabet Abbasi,” the Iraqi Shafaq News reported.

In a statement, the ICAA said that, “The memorandum of understanding comes from the French company ADP Ingénierie as part of a grant to Iraq, which will be the first step for the purpose of preparing a full study to assess all matters and steps that will rebuild Mosul International Airport.”

This memorandum of understanding comes within the Iraqi government’s project to support areas liberated from the Islamic State. The move to repair Mosul International Airport is a positive step towards normality for the people of Nineveh Province, which suffered heavily under the Islamic State.