Syrian Democratic Forces arrest several suspected ISIS members in Zalin and Dayro Zcuro

ZALIN and DAYRO ZCURO, Syria — The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of North and East Syria carried out two operations in the eastern countryside of Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) and Zalin (Qamishli) with the support of the U.S.-led International Coalition.

The SDF Media Office stated that one of the operations targeted a cell of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the town of Al-Shuhail in the eastern countryside of Dayro Zcuro and resulted in the arrests of four people and the confiscation of several weapons.

The second operation was carried out in Tel Hamis in the countryside of Zalin against a cell that was helping families to flee from Al-Hol Camp. It resulted in the arrest of one member of the cell and the confiscation of equipment.

Al-Hol Camp holds thousands of women and children with ties to the Islamic State.

The SDF conduct routine security operations in cooperation with the U.S.-led International Coalition against the remaining ISIS cells in the region.