IRAQ: ISIS informant arrested by Iraqi Military Intelligence in Qarah Jog mountains

TIKRIT, Iraq — As part of the campaign to combat the Islamic State (ISIS), the Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate arrested an ISIS informant who had been monitoring and reporting the movements of Iraq Security Forces in Saladin Governorate.

The Directorate released a statement saying, “In confirmation of their duties in pursuing ISIS remnants and sleeper cells, and through a qualitative intelligence operation, the Military Intelligence Division Detachments in the 14th Division, in cooperation with the 2nd Regiment of the 50th Infantry Brigade, managed to arrest an ISIS informant.”

“The defendant is a prominent collaborator with ISIS, especially with the groups hiding in the Qarah Jog mountain,” the statement continued. “He monitored the movements of our security forces and their members.”

“One of his sons is in charge of ISIS sniper detachments in the mountain,” the statement added.