IRAQ: Beth Nahrain Organization for Women opens 9th Art Exhibition in Baghdede

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — On Monday, the Beth Nahrain Organization for Women (BNOW) held its 9th Art Exhibition, Studying the Psychology of Youth through Painting, in Baghdede, in Nineveh Plains. The Art Exhibition is the closing ceremony of a three month-long psycho-social Art Therapy in which youth exposed to war and years of ISIS terrorist reign is helped to deal with trauma through painting and artistic expression.

In the concluding Art Exhibition paintings and art of participating youth are presented to the public. The exhibition opening began with a speech by head of BNOW Hanan Matti Touma in which she talked about the organization’s history and pedagogical activities in various fields, especially art. Touma pointed out the importance of helping and healing children and young people through painting and other fine arts.

The exhibition was opened by Syriac Catholic Archbishop Mor Youhanna Boutros Moshe, Archbishop of the Diocese of Mosul and its Environs, District Governor of Baghdede Eng. Essam Behnam Matti, Chief of Police for Baghdede Brigadier Falah Yusuf Najjar, and former Member of Iraqi Parliament Khalis Ishoa Briar. A number of other representatives from government, political, and cultural organizations in Nineveh Plains were also in attendance, as was several local media outlets.

During the ceremony, participating children and youngsters in the Art Therapy, whose paintings were exhibited in the exhibition, were handed certificates of appreciation and gifts as encouragement for their future.

The Art Therapy is a joint project between Dutch Christian aid organization Stichting Ismael and BNOW. The two partner organizations have held the Art Therapy for several years. During the last year Stichting Ismael and Beth Nahrain Organization for Women have continuing Art Therapy sessions in four places and this year, starting January 15, they extended the Art Therapy to the Syriac town of Karemlash, Nineveh Plain.