IRAQ: Over 900 students take part in Syriac language competition in Nineveh Plains

NINEVEH PLAINS — A group of volunteers and activists held a Syriac language competition that included the distribution of more than 1,000 papers distributed to more than 18 schools in Hamdaniya and Bartala in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Plains containing a set of questions written in Syriac which reflect ancient Syriac culture.

After 20 days the papers were collected and then the lottery was held in a large ceremony attended by more than 500 students.

The number of participants in the competition was 903 and the following schools were awarded: the Sarah Preparatory School for Girls, the Virgin Mary Preparatory School for Girls, and the Qaraqosh School for Girls.

Essam Yaku, the competition’s supervisor, explained that through this competition they tried to promote the Syriac language because of its historical importance in Iraq and Beth Nahrain.

Since 2003, there has been a concerted effort to strengthen the Syriac language in Nineveh Governorate. Prior to 2003, the Syriac language was banned under Arabization policies.