Pope Francis appoints new Syriac Melkite Archbishop for Tyre Eparchy

TYRE, Lebanon — After the passing of Archbishop Youhanna (John) Haddad, former Metropolitan of Tyre Eparchy and its Environs, the Papal Embassy in Lebanon issued a statement announcing the appointment of Archbishop Elie Bishara Haddad:

“On 31st January, His Holiness Pope Francis, out of his concern for Christian life in the whole Church and especially in Tyre, announced appointing Archbishop Elie Bishara Haddad as Archbishop of Syriac Melkite Catholics.

The papal embassy in Lebanon confirms that, since 31st January, at 1:00 p.m. Lebanon time, Archbishop Elie Bishara Haddad is recognized as legal ecclesiastical official.

We ask God, the true Shepherd, who loved his Church, to preserve and lead the Christian community in Tyre, on the path of spiritual renewal and partnership full of God’s mercy and tenderness.”