Nineteen members of Syrian regime and allied forces killed by ISIS east of Hemto

HEMTO (HAMA), Syria — Violent confrontations continue between the Syrian regime and allied Iranian militias and the Islamic State (ISIS) within the Holob–Hemto–Raqqa (Aleppo–Hama–Raqqa) triangle in the Badia, the Syrian desert.

On Wednesday, ISIS targeted Syrian regime positions east of Hemto. Local sources reported as many as 19 casualties among Syrian regime and allied forces. Twelve of those killed were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-backed Baqir Brigade militia.

In related news, the Russian-backed Fifth Corps and Al-Quds Brigade continue to secure the Dayro Zcuro–Hmoth (Deir ez-Zor–Homs) road. Russian warplanes have been conducting dozens of airstrikes daily in support of the operations in the area.

On Thursday, ISIS launched another attack on Syrian regime forces around Dayro Zcuro. It wasn’t immediately clear if there were casualties.