IRAQ: People of Basra protest in demand of converting Basra province into Basra Region

BASRA, Iraq — On Friday, dozens of residents of the Iraqi’s Basra Province organized a protest demanding the completion of the process of converting the Province into a Region.

In a statement, member of the Coordinating Body for the Demands of Basra Region, Karim al-Shawak, said that, “Dozens of Basra Region residents organized a protest today in Al-Hurria Square in the center of the province, demanding accession to Region status.”

“The demands emphasized the need of completing the establishment of Basra Region, according to the legislative and legal system, and as a constitutional right for the people of Basra,” Al-Shawak added.

Protests in Al-Haboubi Square in the center of the city of Nasiriyah were met with force by Iraqi Security Forces on Friday. Security Forces fired live ammunition at the demonstrators, who responded by blockading Civilizations Bridge.

At least one demonstrator was wounded.