Seven men found guilty of illegally selling Christian property in Karrada district of Baghdad

BAGHDAD — Seven brothers in the Iraqi capital Baghdad were found guilty of fraud on Sunday by Judge Firas Hamid for illegally selling the property of Christians in the city’s Karrada district.

“The gang would arrange meetings with property owners residing outside the country,“ said Judge Hamid. “After a selling contract is organized between the two sides with a promise of future payment through foreign remittances, the gang members would return to Iraq and alter the documents to read that the amount had already been paid in cash.”

The judge pointed out that after numerous cases, they were able to arrest this gang. Its leader was sentenced to seven years in prison, while court rulings were issued in absentia for the rest of the gang members who had fled. All movable and immovable property was confiscated from the convicts.

The judge additionally put in place a moratorium on the sale of Christian property in Karrada.