Decades-long feud between two North and East Syria families ends with help of Democratic Autonomous Administration’s Elders’ Commission

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Two families from Tel Hamis, Syria who had been feuding for decades reconciled on Monday with the assistance of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria’s Elders’ Commission and the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party.

The feud arose over the killing of two members of the Khalil family by members of the al-Akram family 55 years ago in the city of Zalin (Qamishli).

The reconciliation event was attended by Archbishop Mor Maurice Amsih, Archbishop of Jazira and Euphrates of Syriac Orthodox Church, Kurdish and Arab tribal elders, Muslim, Christian and Yazidi clerics, as well as jurists, political officials, and military leaders.

Himber Hassan, an official with the Elders’ Commission, told the Rojava Information Center that, “By refusing to enter an eye-for-eye feud or even to seek blood money, the injured family have set an example for the whole world.”

“Representatives of both families are present, and the remainder of the Khalil family will soon return from Europe to complete the process.”

During the reconciliation ceremony, the parties confirmed that they had overcome this dispute and that there was no longer any animosity between them.

Speaking on behalf of the Khalil family, Haji Rashid addressed the attendees, saying that, “This meeting invited us all to [address] the point of disagreement and resort to dialog to resolve our differences. Today we need peace, reconciliation and kindness.”