Iraqi Federal police killed and wounded in ISIS attack in Kerkeslokh Province

KERKESLOKH, Iraq — Islamic State (ISIS) militants launched an attack on Iraqi Federal Police in the village of Gharb Koy, south of the Daquq district in Kerkeslokh (Kirkuk) Province, killing three policemen and wounding two others.

ISIS militants also attacked security points belonging to the 20th Brigade of the Iraqi Army on the outskirts of Al-Islah village in Diyala Province, wounding one soldier.

Islamic State attacks on Iraqi security forces and military personnel continue to be a problem despite repeated security operations.

In a statement on Wednesday, Spokesperson for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command Tahsin al-Khafaji confirmed that a security operation targeting ISIS elements in central and western Iraq achieved great results.

Al-Khafaji indicated that security forces were able to destroy a large number of ISIS military vehicles in addition to arresting a large number of combatants.

Operations will continue, said al-Khafaji, until the areas between Baghdad, Samarra, and Anbar are secure, in addition to securing the Fallujah–Samarra road.