Turkish-backed groups fight among themselves in occupied Cafrin Region in North and East Syria, injuring at least one civilian

CAFRIN, Syria — The Turkish-occupied city of Cafrin (Afrin) has been subjected to almost daily bombings and clashes between groups in the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA). The city has, as it routinely has since Turkey invaded in January 2018, descended into a state of chaos and instability with panic widespread among the city’s residents.

On Sunday, a civilian was injured as a result of a car bomb explosion in the town of Jinderes in the occupied Cafrin Region of North and East Syria.

According to local sources, the explosion took place on the highway at the northern entrance to the town, near the headquarters of a faction in the SNA. Although reports from the scene indicated there were injuries among the targeted faction, and at least one civilian injured, the number of wounded or dead was not immediately clear.

The car bombing came during a spat of infighting in the town between Jabhat al Shamiyah and Jaysh al Islam.