IRAQ: Peshmerga Chief of Staff calls for formation of joint Iraqi Army–Peshmerga security zones in disputed areas

ERBIL, Iraq — Peshmerga Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Jamal Aymanki called for the restoration of trust between Iraqi and Peshmerga forces through the formation of joint strategic security zones.

Lt. Gen. Aymanki told Shafaq News that, “Any greater coordination between Peshmerga and the Iraqi Army is linked to the continuation of future meetings, and this is about the Iraqi side as it is in control of the disputed areas.”

He also warned of the seriousness of Islamic State activity in the disputed areas, which has taken advantage of the security vacuum.

The inhabitants of the disputed areas, especially those in Nineveh Province, have lost confidence in the Iraqi Army and Peshmerga after both forces failed to protect them from the Islamic State in 2014.