Syrian Democratic Council delegation visits Syriac Union Party in Hasakah in North and East Syria

HASAKAH, Syria — A delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) of North and East Syria, accompanied by a number of representatives from various political party, visited the headquarters of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Hasakah city to extend congratulations to the newly-elected SUP Co-Chairs in Hasakah Canton, Simon Daoud and Hiba Asia.

During the meeting, the visiting delegation extended its congratulations for the successful convening of the party’s third tri-annual general conference.

They also discussed the current situation in the region and the political developments taking place in the area, stressing the importance of cooperation between all parties to achieve coexistence and obtain rights for all people and peoples of North and East Syria.

At the end of the meeting, SUP members thanked the visiting delegation for this positive initiative. The visiting delegation, in turn, wished the party success in all decisions and welcomed joint meetings in the future.