Universal Syriac Union Party distributes financial aid to needy families in Lebanon

BEIRUT — President of Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad announced the expansion of the “Twin Family” aid program to include the largest number of poor and needy families.

The program, founded in 2008 by USUP and Syriac Cross for Relief and Development, allows families with greater means to donate money to poorer families.

Monthly “twinning” cards were distributed during a meeting held at the party’s headquarters in the Bouchria Dam area.

During the meeting, Mrad addressed those gathered, stating that, “Every penny in the party fund will be distributed to our people according to the priority and right so that our people can stay in the homeland with pride and dignity.”

“The ruling officials bankrupted Lebanon and seek to starve its people with all their energy,” he added. “In light of the economic and political collapse and the failure of the state to carry out its duties towards its people, we have been forced to become our own ministry of social and health affairs.”

Mrad ended by promising that the USUP would stand by everyone, regardless of sect, in need with whatever means, although modest, were available to it.

USUP Vice President Leila Latte, with the help of members of the Social Affairs Secretariat, distributed material assistance to 150 families registered in the Matn Coast region. In the coming days, assistance is set to be distributed to families in Beirut, Zahle, and to the port area of Tripoli.

The aid is part of the party’s ongoing financial, food, and medical assistance to the needy made possible with the support of the Bethnahrin National Council in Europe and the Syriac Cross for Relief and Development.

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