Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union in Iraq appeals to His Holiness Pope Francis to save Iraqis

NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq — The Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union (HBA) in Iraq sent a letter to His Holiness Pope Francis welcoming him to Iraq and describing their experiences and struggles in the country.

********** HBA LETTER TO POPE FRANCIS **********

Our political struggle has been over seventeen years, as we, Christian politicians in Iraq have resorted to holding several meetings, conferences and meetings inside Iraq, and the voices of Christians — Chaldeans–Syriacs–Assyrians and others — have risen to demand the preservation of their identity as an origin people in Iraq, and their equality with their brothers from Other nationalities and religions, after the killing, starvation, displacement and annihilation of regions at the hands of the Islamic State.

We, as a political party with a group of our people’s parties, have called for the implementation of the articles of the Iraqi Constitution concerning the building of a federal, pluralistic, democratic and unified state to end the suffering of the people that have come from the racist authoritarian central government, including the establishment of a conference adopted by the European Parliament in Brussels.

We appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis, to save the Iraqi people and to end their tragedy, especially the minorities whose situation is limited.