Qatari U.N. Representative called for more to be done to end Syrian conflict; Egyptian Foreign Minister decries Turkey’s Syrian policy

NEW YORK / CAIRO — During an informal session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Qatari Representative to the United Nations, Alya Ahmed Saif Al Thani, denounced human rights violations and atrocities in Syria, noting that the crisis in the country has caused immeasurable human misery. Accountability and justice are needed for the sake of the Syrian people and for regional and international peace and security, say Al Thani.

Al Thani called for a political solution to the decade-long Syrian crisis, stressing that military solutions will only lead to more suffering and instability.

In related news, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, during his speech at the ministerial meeting of the Arab League Council in Cairo, stressed the need for the Turkish occupation to leave Syria and clear the way for a political solution that puts an end to the suffering of Syrians.

Shoukry stated that Ankara’s continued pursuit of its own objectives in the country will lead to further crises in the region and called for solidarity in ending the Syrian civil war.