TURKEY: Large gatherings in Istanbul for March 8, International Women’s Day

ISTANBUL – Women’s organizations in Istanbul have organized several meetings for women to come together in their demand of women’s rights. Today a big meeting is held in Kadıköy, Istanbul, and on March 8 in Taksim in the same city. Today’s meeting in Kadıköy is the start of the March 8 International Women’s Day activities prepared by the 8 March Women’s Platform.

International Women’s Day is a focal point for better rights for women all over the world. Domestic violence, oppression of women, and femicide remain major social problems in Turkey.

On March 8, the Turkish Women’s Platform has planned its 19th annual meeting in Taksim square for women’s rights under the motto “Feminist Night March”. The 8 March Women’s Platform called for women to take to streets under the slogan “Let’s grow our struggle for women together” and “Women are strong together”.

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