NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party visits newly elected Co-Presidency of Syriac Union Party

ZALIN, Syria – In the context of maintaining good and friendly relationships, permanent coordination and the exchange of views between political parties and components in North and East Syria, a delegation from the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party visited the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria on Saturday. The Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party delegation consisting of central committee officials Ahmed Suleiman and Hassan Jinko, members of its political bureau Lydia Akko and Rifai Salih, were received by the newly elected SUP co-Presidency Nazira Goreya and Sanharib Barsoum, and SUP executive committee member Joseph Lahdo.

The visiting delegation congratulated the Syriac Union Party for holding its Party Congress and the election of its new Co-Presidency and wished them success in their duties.

The two parties discussed recent developments on the Syrian national level, the Democratic Autonomous Administration, and the basic living conditions and public service level in the Region. The two political parties also affirmed their firm position with regards to reaching a political solution in Syria to bring and end to the tragedy of the Syrian people have to go through for the last 10 years.

The Syriac Union Party is a founding member of the Democratic Autonomous Administration. The Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party is an opposition party. The delegation emphasized the importance of continuing and developing the relationship between the two parties in a way that serves the general wellbeing and goals of the people of Syria.