LEBANON: Head of Kataeb Party Sami Gemayel calls for early parliamentary elections

BEIRUT — In a statement, head of the Kataeb Party in Lebanon, Sami Gemayel, stated that the time has come for Lebanese members of parliament who are hindering change in the country to resign and open the way for new elections. He also indicated that state authorities have two options: either form an independent government that works with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and donor countries to lift the country out of economic crisis and restore Lebanon’s image, or leave and make room for the people.

Gemayel asserted that the economic collapse exists even with the existence of a caretaker.

“There is a group that wants to control the country and will not stop until destroying what is left of the state, because the alternative is the militias and the de-facto forces, i.e., Hezbollah,” he pointed out.

Gemayel also declared that there are two paths for a solution to the current situation.

The first path is for the Arab and international communities to intervene and oversee the restructuring of the government to root out corruption. The second path is for the Lebanese people to rise up and push towards change through new parliamentary elections.

Gemayel also considered that poverty is afflicting all Lebanese, just as the economic crisis affects all groups of society and stressed that people that an uprising by all peoples from all regions is needed to press for real change in Lebanon.

He closed his statement with a call for early parliamentary elections to ensure transparent and democratic change.