Several Syrian organizations pen open letter calling for Syriac and Kurdish to be included as key languages in Brussels talks

BRUSSELS — In an open letter, several Syrian organizations called for the inclusion of all components of Syria in the Brussel conferences concerning the country.

Invitations were recently extended to negotiating parties for the “Fifth Brussels Conference Group” concerning the future of the country.

According to the organizations who penned the open letter, the conference’s organizers ignored the inclusion of languages such as Syriac and Kurdish in the correspondence despite ostensibly being a conference concerning all Syrians.

As a result, the organization noted that the signatories of this letter believe it is necessary to inform and engage all Syrian components of any work or project, particularly those groups that have been persecuted over the past decades in Syria and the region.

The organization pointed out that, in order to ensure that the objectives of such conferences are achieved in a fair and sustainable manner, participation must be genuine, meaningful, inclusive, and any discourse or dialogue should be done in all the country’s mother tongues.