Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibeh’s interim government unanimously wins Libyan parliament’s confidence

TRIPOLI — On Wednesday, the Libyan parliament voted to approve a government of national unity headed by Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibeh as part of a U.N.-backed plan culminating in December elections to end a decade of chaos and violence.

Meetings were held over the past two days to discuss the issue of an interim government. On Wednesday, President of the Libyan Parliament Aguila Saleh announced the government’s success in gaining the confidence of a majority of 132 Members of Parliament.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the Libyan Parliament’s approval of the formation of a national unity government headed by Dbeibeh, noting that Libya has always been an important partner for Russia in North Africa.

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, via Twitter, congratulated the Libyans on the establishment of the interim government, stating that it is a welcomed step towards elections in December and an end to the conflict.

Blinken also stressed that it is essential to implement the ceasefire, abide by the arms embargo, and make the foreign forces leave.