New Syriac School opens online doors

The new Syriac School has opened its online doors. The Syriac School is an online school that teaches the Syriac language in an academic manner, using a set of distance education tools via the internet. All sections and interactive exercises include audio recordings that help students to learn the proper pronunciation of Syriac words and sentences.

Two dictionaries are made available online with translations to French, Arabic, and English.

According to its mission statements, the Syriac School aims “to contribute to spreading and teaching the Syriac language and to dedicate the profits of this school for the benefit of charitable work.”

The school teaches the classical Syriac language or Kthobonoyo, translated into English and Arabic. The Syriac School curriculum teaches reading and writing in the Western Syriac script Serto with the ability to display Syriac words in the Estrangela script.

Syriac School is licensed in Sweden where an estimated 150 thousand Suroyo/Suraya (Syriacs) diaspora lives. The Syriac diaspora is widely spread all over the world. In the Middle East Suroye/Suraye live spread over Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.