Syriac Cultural Association pays tribute to the late Suryoyo linguist Yaqoub Hanna in Derik

DERIK, Syria – The Syriac Cultural Association in Syria, Derik branch, hosted an evening in honor of Syriac writer, linguist, and philosopher Yaqoub Hanna on the one-year anniversary of his death. The late Yaqoub Hanna was head of the Syriac Language Academy.

Guests were received on Saturday evening in the Mart Shmuni community hall in Derik, Gozarto (Jazira) Region of North and East Syria.

The commemoration began with a minute of silence in memory of malfono Yaqoub Hanna and the soul of the martyrs.

The introductory speech was delivered by Syriac Cultural Association official Hanna Soumi in which he recalled the life of the late linguist, his most important works and the role he played in developing the Syriac language.

For the occasion, poet Michel Philo from Zalin (Qamishli) recited poems. And a short documentary on the late malfono’s life and work was presented.

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