Amnesty International shames U.N. Security Council ‘paralysis’ over Syria

On Friday, global human rights watchdog Amnesty International sharply criticized the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for its paralysis over the Syrian crisis.

In its statement, Amnesty applauded the joint efforts announced by Canada and the Netherlands to hold the Syrian regime accountable for its violations of human rights conventions, especially the U.N. Convention against Torture.

Amnesty recounted the systemic violations committed by the Assad regime over the past decade, including ground and air attacks against civilians, detention and torture of detainees, and the implementation of sieges and starvation. Without justice, said Amnesty’s statement, the cycle of bloodshed and suffering will continue in Syria. Members of the UNSC must not abuse their veto power to prevent justice from being administered in Syria, the statement concluded.

In the same vein, Pope Francis called on Sunday for a decisive international position to be taken in order to end the 10-year-long Syrian civil war. The crisis in Syria represents one of the most serious humanitarian disasters of modern times, said the Pope.