Former Iraqi MP Joseph Sliwa: New Federal Court bill will turn Iraq into another Iran, civil rights organizations call for vote to be suspended

ANKAWA, Iraq – Former Syriac Member of the Iraqi Parliament Joseph Sliwa has stated in an interview with Iraqi Safaq News that, “the introduced Federal Court bill will be the final stab in the dissolution of the Iraqi constitution and the country as we know it. Where it is the job of the Federal Court to interpret laws and review the legality of laws and decisions of government actors and bodies, the actions of Muslim leaders today pose a great threat to this constitutional task of the Court. There are powers at work that want to turn the Federal Court into a full extension of Iran, and there are other powers at work that want to turn the Federal Court into an ISIS Sharia court.”

Sliwa said that Iraq cannot be ruled by Sharia law because Iraq’s mixed population of peoples and the fact that Iraqi Muslims and their leaders are divided on matters and thought of Islamic law and split over different denominations. Adoption of the bill would mean the hijacking by Islamic leaders of the Federal Court, put Iraqis in a big prison, and push Iraq further into the hands of foreign interventionist powers and their geopolitical agenda.

In related news, several political parties, and civil organizations, among it the Iraqi Communist Party, warned that the new bill would increase polarization and division in Iraqi society. In a joined statement for Iraqi TV in Baghdad, the parties highlighted the fundamental role the Federal Court plays in upholding the constitution of the country and that the new bill should respect the secular fundamentals of the constitution and guarantee the rights of Iraqis in all their religious, ethnic, and cultural colors.

Human rights organizations have called to suspend voting on the bill to have its contents discussed and investigated by legal experts and civil rights organizations.