Iraqi security forces encircle ISIS cells in Karaghogh mountains, ISIS terrorists arrested in various Iraqi regions

Iraqi security sources announced on Tuesday that the Counter-Terrorism Unit is continuing its operations to eliminate ISIS remnants together with the International Coalition forces in the Makhmour area. The ground operation, which started a few days ago, was accompanied by more than 30 air strikes by International Coalition aircraft in the mountains of Karaghogh, which led to the destruction of a number of cave hide-outs and the killing of a number of ISIS terrorists.

The Security Forces statement stated that the operation comes in coordination with the Peshmerga forces from the northern side of the Karaghogh mountains and the 14th Division Command and the Iraqi army from the southern side. The operation aims to encircle ISIS fighters and hide-outs during the next 3 months and eliminate the rest of their cells in the area.

In a related news, the commander of Anbar Operations Major General Nasser Al-Ghanem, announced on Tuesday the arrest of 6 ISIS terrorists in two different places in the province.