IRAQ: Baghdede Mayor Issam Behnam inspects Salamiyah Water Treatment Plant in Nimrud

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — On Wednesday, Mayor of Baghdede, Iraq, Issam Behnam made an inspection visit to Nimrud district accompanied by Director of the Baghdede Water Center Magda Marzina where they were received by head of the district Ahmed Obaid.

During the visit, the delegation toured the Salamiyah Water Treatment Plant, which feeds the surrounding towns and villages in the area. They also met the project manager and technical supervisors, and learned about the project’s general status, maintenance work, needs, and necessary supplies. The project will be equipped at the beginning of next summer to ensure water pumping continuity.

The Salamiyah Water Treatment Plant was put back into service in 2017 with funds made available by the U.N. Development Programme following the regions liberation from the Islamic State.

Behnam and Marzina then observed the current work progress of two new parks being established in the Nimrud district center funded by Italian non-profit AVSI.