Beth Nahrin National Council: Congratulations and peace greetings on Newroz and Akitu

The Presidential Committee of the Beth Nahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo d-Bethnahrin/MUB) issued a statement on the occasion of Newroz in which it congratulates all who celebrate Newroz and the upcoming Akitu. The MUB statement reads:

“With joy and hope, we welcome and send our peace greetings for the holidays of Newroz on March 21st and Akitu on April 1st. These are the festivals that symbolize hope, common life, cooperation, struggle and the freedom of peoples with shared values.”

“The communal festivals of Mesopotamia and the Middle East, rooted in history for thousands of years, brought good tidings of the renewal of nature and the arrival of spring. They are celebrated in different forms, but all have the same basis and meaning. The soil and land of the East with its cultural and material wealth, have become a homeland for dozens of ethnic groups, cultures and different languages.”

“After the implementation of the bloody policies of massacre by the Committee for Union and Progress, Beth Nahrin and Anatolia became graveyards for entire peoples. The Middle East was made into the hell of the world.”

“We, the Beth Nahrin National Council, see it as our historic duty to express our desire to achieve the common life of the peoples and celebration of our historic holidays. This is the responsibility we bear for the sake of the peoples and for humanity as a whole.”

The MUB statement concluded by sending congratulations for Newroz “to all the peoples who return it with the hope of new life. And we send our greetings of peace, especially to the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people and their leaders, and we congratulate them with the Newroz holidays.”

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