Universal Syriac Union Party and Neutrality for Lebanon Assembly: international intervention and federalism are the solution for Lebanon

BEIRUT – President of the Universal Syriac Union Party Ibrahim Mrad received a delegation from the Neutrality for Lebanon Assembly at USUP’s headquarters. The Neutrality for Lebanon Assembly is an advocacy group for neutrality and federalism in Lebanon.

According to a statement, the latest developments in national affairs were discussed in which both sides stressed the need for concerted efforts between political parties, civil organizations, NGOs, and powerful personalities in Lebanon and the diaspora to try to save Lebanon and its people from disintegration.

During the meeting, the delegation presented Mrad the Assembly’s Official Document with its mission statement. Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Boutros al-Raï is among one of the recipients of the Assembly’s document. USUP President Mrad praised the ideology and goals of the Assembly, and both sides agreed on “continuous cooperation and coordination in the interest of our people and Lebanon.”

According to USUP President Mrad, Iran is the primary responsible for the current downward spiral. Iran through “its militia is trying hard to swallow Lebanon up completely and make it a trump card for bargaining in international negotiations.”

“It would be a mistake to see our problems as primarily economic. Rather, they are sovereign politics par excellence. The main reason being the alliance between arms and corruption, a weapon that has isolated Lebanon from the Arab world and international community, plunging the Lebanese into poverty and hunger, just like Iran and its terrorist militias have done with all other countries it interferes with,” Mrad added.

“The most effective solution to rid Lebanon of the Iranian occupation via its proxy Hezbollah is through international intervention. And then to get rid of the central political system that has proven its failure in the countries of the region and to adopt the federal system through which we can preserve pluralism, live in dignity and civilizational competition for all Lebanon’s components.”