Former Iraqi MP Sliwa: Nineveh Plains are under a fierce criminal attack that has political dimensions

MOSUL, Iraq — Former Syriac Member of Iraqi Parliament Joseph Sliwa stated that after holding a press conference at the Nergal Gate of the historic Nineveh Wall in Mosul to address recent construction activity on the site, Iraqi Minister of Antiquities and Tourism promised to form a fact-finding committee.

Sliwa noted that an investigative committee arrived two days ago to the location, and the bulldozing was stopped until the committee issues the results of its investigation of the bulldozing carried out near the Nineveh Wall. Sliwa pointed out that, while the steps are welcome, they are insufficient and that they will continue to file lawsuits before the public prosecutor in Baghdad.

Sliwa also appealed to all Iraqis and civil society organizations to initiate lawsuits against the Nineveh Governorate in order to end the sabotage of the historical Nineveh Wall.

He also pointed out that Nineveh Plains are under fierce criminal attack that has political dimensions, such as changing the features of the Iraqi state and the demographic change in Nineveh Plains.

Sliwa stressed that there are clear policies to change the features of Nineveh Plains, and those who carry out such policies have regional loyalties and not Iraqi loyalties.

“These people are moved by political parties that have weapons, so they became the decision-makers in Nineveh Plains,” Sliwa stated.