Syrian Women’s Council in North and East Syria holds awareness lecture on coronavirus delivered by Spanish doctor

ZALIN, Syria — The Syrian Women’s Council in North and East Syria held an awareness lecture about the dangers of the coronavirus and preventative measures to take to prevent its spread.

General Coordinator of the Council Lina Barakat told SuroyoTV that many people still are not taking the virus seriously, comparing it to influenza.

The lecture was delivered by Spanish medical lecturer Dr. Pedro San Jose and Co-Chair of the Health Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) Dr. Jwan Mustafa.

Kohar Khajadurian, an official of the Ashtarout Women’s Center who attended the lecture, said the information presented was very useful since many people still do not know how dangerous the coronavirus is.

Khajadurian called for more educational events in the region about the coronavirus to increase public awareness and to convince them to take the virus seriously.