Muna Yako to receive title of professor of law at Salahuddin University

ANKAWA-ERBIL, Iraq – Suraye rights activist Dr. Muna Youkhana Yako will be elevated to the office of law professor at Salahuddin University in Erbil. Yako is an expert on Iraq’s constitution and currently holds the office of assistant professor of law at the same university. She has completed years of teaching and research and fulfilled all the scientific requirements needed to obtain the title of professor.

Muna Yako is an activist and advocate of the rights of Suraye (Chaldeans-Assyrians-Arameans). In the Iraqi 2018 parliamentary elections she was a candidate for the political party Abnaa Bethnahrin which was founded in 2013 by former members of the Assyrian Democratic Movement after disagreements over the course of the party.