Police and military forces of Democratic Autonomous Administration launch large-scale security campaign against ISIS in Al-Hol camp

AL-HOL CAMP, NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – The Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria in close cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), today launched a large-scale humanitarian and security operation inside the notorious Al-Hol Camp. A total of 6.000 police and military personnel of the Internal Security Forces, SDF, and the Women’s Protection Units were mobilized for the security operation inside and around the camp.

The operation comes among others in response to calls and demands from sheikhs and elders of the tribes in the area surrounding Al-Hol Camp to put an end to crimes and violations committed by ISIS members and elements present in the camp. ISIS elements inside the cell had begun to organize their ranks inside and outside the Al-Hol camp.

Press conference on the large-scale security operation against ISIS in Al-Hol Camp, North and East Syria

In a press conference statement inside the camp, the Internal Security Forces spokespersons referred to the camp as a ticking time bomb. The camp holds a large number of ISIS (family) members and supporters who have created for themselves an own administration including Hisbah teams, Sharia courts, and schools to teach ISIS extremist curricula to children within the camp in an attempt to revive the organization. The spokespersons assured the steadfastness of the ISF and SDF in the fight against ISIS.

A statement read at the press conference, stated that the camp, which holds an estimated 60.000 people, has turned into a ISIS stronghold and extremist hotbed where all forms of terrorism and crimes are perpetrated. ISIS dominance and terror inside the camp pose a great danger to the security and safety of all people inside the camp. Civilians are killed and targeted almost daily. In 2021, 47 people were murdered. Earlier in March, two boys aged 15 and 16 were murdered inside the camp. And on a regular basis, kidnapped Yazidi (slave) girls in the hands of their ISIS tyrants (male and female) are discovered inside the camp.