Revitalizing the Nineveh Plains: Un Ponte Per re-opens Babel Park in Telkef

TELKEF/TELKEPE, Nineveh Plains, Iraq – On March 22, 2021, the Italian international solidarity association and NGO Un Ponte Per re-opened the Babel Playground in the Telkef district after its reconstruction was finalized. The Babel playground and recreational park was destroyed under the ISIS Caliphate. It is the sixth playground, public community space, and park that is rebuild under Un Ponte Per’s Together-for-Peace peacebuilding campaign. The openings ceremony was attended by representatives of Un Ponte Per, local municipal and district officials, and security officers.

Babel Park was a joint operation with the Malteser International and the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

UPP conducts youth projects in four centers in the Nineveh Plain. The Together-for-Peace campaign began in 2019 with peacebuilding projects that aim to strengthen the role of youth, promote social cohesion, and the feeling of security in the Nineveh Governate. Other projects include a public library in the Telkef, the rebuilding of the sport club in Baghdede, and parks and playground in Bartella, Nimrod and in Bashiqa-Bahzani.