Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party of Iraq calls for end to suffering of Syriac people in Akitu statement

ERBIL, Iraq — On the advent of Babylonian New Year, Akitu, which occurs on 1 April, the political bureau of the Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party issued a statement congratulating the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people. The statement also called for an end to the suffering of the Syriacs (Arameans-Assyrians-Chaldeans) in their native lands and for the protection of their cultural heritage.

********** BNDP STATEMENT **********

On 1st April each year, our Syriac–Assyrian–Chaldean people in the homeland and abroad celebrate the Assyrian Babylonian New Year, which is considered a national and patriotic holiday, as well as one of the most important national occasions that connects our people with the roots, heritage and history of the ancestral homeland of Beth Nahrain.

Our Syriac–Assyrian–Chaldean people, which is an integral part of the Iraqi people, face double challenges and difficulties due to the wrong policies and the stifling control by large blocs over the Iraqi state. Thus, our Syriac–Assyrian–Chaldean people are being marginalized and excluded from fair representation in the constitutional institutions. Furthermore, their struggle, historical and cultural role is being diminished. They have made many sacrifices in order to protect the sovereignty of the homeland and build its official institutions since the establishment of the Iraqi state until now.

Their history, heritage and civilization are transgressed; the latest violation was what had been done in the city of Mosul in terms of destroying the great historical Nineveh Wall.

Our people in the Nineveh Plains, despite the return of many of them to their areas, are suffering from instability, insecurity and harsh living conditions, due to the multiple security apparatus, uncontrolled weapons by some security uniys and their continuous attempts to change the Nineveh Plains demographically.

As for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), the regional government should respect the role, sacrifices and heroism of our Syriac–Assyrian–Chaldean people and their participation in all the Kurdish revolutions and the spring uprising, in addition to their participation in establishing the KRI’s institutions, including the parliament and government. Also, their effective participation in the Nineveh Plains Protection Forces alongside with the Peshmerga forces in fighting the Islamic State and liberating the Nineveh Plains from ISIS black terror.

On the national level, we take the opportunity of this great occasion to call on all the active political forces of our people to break the silence and political division that prevails in the national arena, especially at this critical and sensitive stage in the history of our people. We call on them to sit and resolve all disputes in a national spirit far from narrow personal and partisan interests.

In conclusion, and on this great occasion, we extend our warmest congratulations to our Syriac–Assyrian–Chaldean people, wherever they are, especially those who are steadfast in the homeland, calling on the Lord to prevail security and stability throughout the homeland.