Protests in Iran over signing of Iran–China cooperation agreement

TEHRAN — Crowds of Iranian protesters marched in a number of cities in the country to protest what they called “the sale of the homeland to China”, referring to the multi-year Iran–China cooperation agreement that guarantees China’s rights to make huge investments in the country.

On Monday, demonstrators went out in front of the Iranian Parliament in the capital of Tehran, as well as in the city Isfahan, chanting “Iran is not for sale, no to the sale of the homeland!”

There have also been numerous calls on social media to protest the agreement in all cities and provinces of the country, describing Tehran’s protests as the starting point for this popular movement.

The 25-year agreement between the two countries was signed during the recent visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s to Tehran. The agreement outlines increased cooperation in the political, economic, and technical fields, as well as defense and military cooperation, including conducting joint military exercises.

The agreement also provides for the development of Iranian airports and ports, new construction, railway development, infrastructure enhancement, cooperation in the fields of energy production and oil extraction to the tune of some $450 billion.