Twenty-six graduate from month-long course for administrators of Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria completes

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Monday, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria graduated a new administrators’ course at Martyr Ali al-Nasu Academy. This course was named after Martyr Kahraman Khalaf.

The graduation ceremony, began with a minute of silence to honor the souls of martyrs, was attended by the ISF General Command, the Interior Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria, the General Administration of the Executive Council of the DAA, and the family of martyr Kahraman Khalaf.

Several speeches were delivered congratulating the graduates and addressing the role of the ISF in maintaining security and peace in North and East Syria, as well as protecting the rights of region’s residents.

The course lasted 30 days and the class consisted of 26 female and male members of the ISF.

In a statement to SuroyoTV, spokesman for the Syriac Security Forces (Sutoro) Akkad Hanna indicated that the course focused on the mechanism of office work, the importance of training, public speaking, and included discourse on the importance of coexistence between the components of the region. Hanna stated that the course also covered the principles of democracy and Syrian history, in addition to the history and work of the ISF and the Sutoro.