Union of Chaldean Writers: We hope that peace will prevail in the villages of our people that were destroyed by ISIS in Iraq and that residents will return home

IRAQ – On the occasion of the Babylonian-Chaldean-Assyrian New Year, Akitu, the Union of Chaldean Writers offered its warmest congratulations and blessings to the Chaldean nation inside Iraq and in the diaspora. The Union of Chaldean Writers asked God to have peace and harmony prevail in Iraq and to preserve His children and bring goodness and joy over them, especially in the villages of the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people – villages which were destroyed by ISIS terrorists years ago.

The writers and poets expressed their deep desire that the proud Chaldean (Suraye) people would return to their villages as they were with their lofty churches, fields, and beautiful architecture.

In the issued statement, the Chaldean writers and poets called for more cooperation, cohesion, and harmony between all the Chaldean (Suraye) organizations, parties, and institutions in order to achieve the best results for the Chaldean (Suraye) people, especially within the homeland, to obtain full rights and real representation in the Iraqi state and as an authentic component whose roots descend from the most ancient civilization, as is witnessed by history and known by humanity.

The statement also called on all Chaldeans (Suraye) around the globe to carry this great civilizational legacy and to pass it on to their children and future generations. To preserve their ancient Chaldean language and all of the great legacy of their great Babylonian Chaldean civilization where they are in the world.

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