European Syriac Union and Bethnahrain Patriotic Union send Akitu congratulations

BRUSSELS/NINEVEH PLAINS – The Syriac European Union (ESU) issued a statement declaring that the Syriac (Aramean-Assyrian-Chaldean) people celebrate Akitu this year amid unprecedented precautionary health measures in the world and the Middle East, where the majority of the Syriac people live but struggle to survive on their ancestral land. ESU praised the determination of the Syriac people to continue celebrating this feast of hope, peace, and renewal;

“Following the arrival of ISIS in the Nineveh Plains and Syria, our Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people faced genocide, killings, and exodus while dozens of churches, monasteries and historical monuments have been desecrated and destroyed. Despite all these challenges, our Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people continue their struggle to stay and return to their lands and regions as a sign of hope and survival.” ESU expressed the hope that Akitu would be a messenger of peace and security for the Syriac people.

The Bethnahrain Patriotic Union (HBA) in Iraq issued a statement referring to the achievements of the Syriac (Aramean-Assyrian-Chaldean) people over the ages, their progress and development in all fields of science. The HBA statement touched on the importance of Akitu rituals and symbols, and how it encourages to cling to the land of the ancestors, despite all of what they have been suffering including killing, displacement, and destruction.

The statement urged the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people to show solidarity with their the politicians who genuinely represent them, to strive to achieve their aspirations and full rights, and thus to ensure that the Syriac people continue their civilizational and human endeavors.

The HBA statement included demands and appeals to the Iraqi president and parliament. HBA calls to grant the Syriac people their constitutional and administrative rights in the Nineveh Plains, to consider April 1 as a national holiday for all Iraqis, and to guarantee equality and justice among and for all components in Iraq.