Syriac Patriarch Mor Joseph III Younan renews call to lift sanctions imposed on the Syrian people

BEIRUT – Syriac Catholic Patriarch Mor Joseph III Younan renewed his call to lift international sanctions on the suffering people of Syria. In his Easter message, the Syriac Catholic primate called on “international decision-makers and all those of good will to make efforts to lift the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, whose suffering is intensifying day by day. It is neither fair nor logical to condition the lifting of sanctions on a so-called political solution while ordinary people are impoverished and suffering from hunger, disease, and humiliation.” Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mor Ephrem II, who resides in Daramsuq (Damascus), has previously also called for sanctions on Syria to end as they “prolong the suffering of innocent civilians”.

Mor Joseph III Younan, who resides in Beirut, asked to pray together for “our wounded Syria”. The situation in Syria is a terrible catastrophe which has surpassed the brutality of the emperors of time, past invaders, and occupiers. Ten years of war, killing, destruction, and the international conflict on its soil have only led to the abuse of the Syrian people and the destruction of its economic, social, and civilizational structure.

With regards to Lebanon, Mor Joseph III Younan said that Beirut and the country are still dressed in black but will rise to life like a phoenix as Jesus Christ did over death. The Lebanese have done so after similar disasters, devastation, and disruption in its long history. In a clear statement to the country’s contemporary leadership on the current economic and political crisis, he stated that “Lebanon deserves to be ruled by the elite of its citizens and not by a corrupt and fundamentalist clique hiding behind its sects to wreak corruption, theft, torture, and abuse of its citizens and people.” He expressed his full support for the protesters in the streets of Lebanon calling for upholding the constitution, to fight corruption, and for the removal of the ruling leaders and system. Without a reconfiguration of power, the youth of Lebanon will not return to hope for their homeland and emigration will continue in its current frightening.

The Syriac Catholic Patriarch concluded by wishing all his Syriac loved ones who live in the Holy Land, Egypt, Jordan, the Persian Gulf, Turkey, and in the diaspora in Europe, the Americas and Australia, a blessed Easter in health and prosperity.